Golf Score System


Free golf scoring browser based app with golf round stats & live golf score feeds.
Works in your smartwatch, phone, tablet & computer.
No download & install.

1 Enter Golf Scorecard

Calculates stableford, hcp, strokes
Players database & course database
Golf score live feed

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2 Share Golf Game LIVE

Share golf score live
Live leaderboard
Share golf scorecard

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3 View Golf Rounds

View group of golf rounds
View scorecard
Sort, search, analyze

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1 Course database

Check if your golf course is in the golf course database. If not please add it, and use preferable a larger screen.
The golf course database is based on a model of openly and editable content for and by our golf members.

Check courses

2 Start a new round

3 quick steps to start a new round and enter your golf scores
Step 1, Create new blank round.
Step 2, Choose course, game, player/s & hcp/tee for the round.
Step 3, Enter the player/s scores.

Play new round

3 Player database

A added friend allows you to share information such as golf handicap, playing tee and image. It also makes it easier to share the golfround/scorecard to them directly. If your have friends in your golf rounds, they will then have the round saved in their rounds database.

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responsive web design

System requirements

The whole site is a web app and works as a complete LIVE golf scoring system.
A web app runs in a web browser and uses it as a user interface. All web pages/functions (enter, share, view scores etc.) runs in a web browser. No need to download, install or upgrade software, just a browser and an internet connection are required for the golf system. All pages at have responsive web design. That means that you can watch the pages with your smartphone, tablet or PC and have equal good experience.

Enter Golf Scorecard App is a free golf app (web browser based application) for smartphones which will make your on-course golf scoring easy.
After entering your golf scores and rounds on-course in your app within your smartphone allows you to share, search, sort, view the golf rounds, scorecard and analyze your golf stats with a web browser.

Features Include;
 Works with Android, IOS, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows etc.
 Handles up to 4 players.
 Calculates golf handicap for EGA (European golf association).
 Calculates British Stableford points.
 Player Database.
 Course Database.
 Live score feed to
 Share golf scorecard with players in the round.
 1-8 Tees (Colors or Hektometers).
 GPS Position with aerial view over golf course (Bings Maps).

Golf Scorecard

Share Golf Score

View LIVE golf score at
All scores entering in the App from users around the world is feeded Live to Here you can see your friends scores and comments live from the feed " Golf Score LIVE".
You can also see the live leaderboard " Leaderboard LIVE".
The Live scores is updated every 10 seconds.

Share Golf Score (Friends)

Manage friends at
Here you can manage you friends, for example, find new golf friends, view your friends and see your created friends.
A friend connection allows you to share information in the App for friends golf handicap, playing tee and image etc. It also makes it easier to share the golfround/scorecard to them directly.

Golf friends
Golf Course Database

Golf Course database

Crowdsourcing data
Members of are helping each other to share, update the golf courses data. Through this crowdsourcing feature, our golf community makes the data available and correct. Database supports 1-8 number of tees, colors or hektometers and also course slope & rating for calculation of playing hcp and stableford points.

golf stats

View Golf Round

Golf rounds and golf stats at
When entering your golf rounds (within the freeware App) from your the app in your smartphone allows you to share, search, sort, view the golf rounds, scorecard and easily analyze your golf stats in the web browser at "Rounds"
Select a group of golf rounds or just a single golf round to analyze and view the golf stats.
Your golf friends in the golf round automatic get access to theirs golf stats online.

Golf Scorecard

View Golf Stats (Golf Scorecard)

View golf scorecard at
Select a golf scorecard from the list of golf rounds to view.
Now you see more information about the round as a scorecard and the scorecard is shared with your friends in that round.
Stroke and point is colored for easy reading if you played a hole on par. Black is on par, blue is above par and red is less than par.

Golf tournaments


Create Tournament
Support for tournaments with 250 players.
9, 18 holes Strokeplay or Stableford.

Join us at the golf community of